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Yes, S.E.A’s Principal Aggregator, Susan, does participate in “organized” activities and events; some are definitely on the calendar to do again. Admittedly, it takes awhile to investigate details that help plan logistics and determine how it fits into a budget. So, the sooner you get to the official source of information for an enticing event, the sooner you know if it’s suitable.

Caution! “Activities and events on this page appear faster than S.E.A.’s participation”.  For this reason, please keep in mind, this index of “happenings” is aggregated from SEA’s on-going research, experience, and perspective.  The following connections are meant to add value and pique your interest, or satisfy your curiosity. Clicking on a link either takes you to a host organization, activity, or event. You will have the opportunity to “sign up” in many different ways as a participant and/or gather more details and ideas.


Ageless Athletes

Masters Cycling Events

California Senior Games – Events Calendar

National Senior Games Association (Min age 50 years old- How to Get Started)


Biking and Cycling (Mountain Biking and Road Cycling)

REI Co-Op  Cycling Activities

Valmont Bike Park Boulder CO (Trail Map)


Multi-day road and mountain bike festivals

Moab Skinny Tire Festival

Sea Otter Classic

Eroica California



AllTrails (Easy, Moderate, Hard)

Boulder MountainBike Alliance – Boulder CO Trails – Hiking and Mountain Biking (Single Track)

REI C0-Op Hiking and Camping Activities

Colorado Fourteeners Initiative – A Partnership for Preservation


Outdoor Adventure Inspired 

Telluride Mountain Film Festival Worldwide Tour Schedule

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