You know you’re a cyclist when you ride for SomethingElse

Did your former social life simply fall into place? Was it easier or less complicated to get on your bike and ride? Do you like to ride solo but more often with others?

I enjoy a loyal friendship with someone who so happens to ride a beautiful carbon bike (light, stiff, and fast). We ride occasionally now but for several years we rode about 60-90 miles per week. Since we were only a group of “two”, it was effortless to meet up and ride. Sometimes we enjoyed bringing another friend with us but we never wanted to ride in a group. We solved ‘world’ problems, shared family concerns, and milestone celebrations. Our time was coveted, we appreciated every ride – and for my friend apparently, regardless of the ‘conditions’. “You do realize Susie, that every time you get on your bike and ride, more than once along the way, you comment that it’s a beautiful day”.

As long as I can remember, I will take any chance I get to ride a bike. My current enthusiasm for cycling began over a decade ago at my daughter’s soccer game. Two women, yes soccer moms from “our” team, saw me on my ol’ Hardrock campin’ bike and as I recall said, “Hey, do you ride? We like to ride around the lake. Would you like to join us next time?” Well, I quickly responded, “Sure!”

We actually challenged ourselves setting goals like cycling a “climb” up the “hill” in town. With confidence, we even invited someone along to coach us. He encouragingly said, “Ladies, you’ll get stronger and build up endurance when you start interval training.” Say what????

Today, it’s hard to imagine a different arrangement after so many years. Certainly, neither one of us intend to wittingly make that choice. It almost feels like betraying a loyal friend merely thinking of riding with someone else. I am beginning to imagine more lone rides, although merited on occasion, are in peril of being unsustainable. There is no doubt in our minds we will always be ready to ride with each other. In the mean time, I am exploring another friend’s suggestion – to consider riding and joining a cycling club.

Life opportunities happen. Your employment, your family priorities, and physical abilities change.  If you have a passion to stay active with favorite people, keep doing what you love to do with whom you choose. Plan it, share it, reach out and explore new possibilities. You are certain to experience somethingElse.

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